The Hay Diet

The Hay Diet was named after Dr William H Hay 1866-1940.

After 16 yrs medical practice Dr Hay's health broke down, he developed high blood pressure, brights disease and a dilated heart. There being no treatment available for dilated heart at the time Dr Hay was inspired to treat his own symptoms.

He did this by eating 'fundamentally' as he called it, taking foods in a natural form and not mixing proteins and starches at the same meal. (Pavlovs experiments with dogs showed that starches are digested in about two hours, proteins are digested in about four hours but a protein - starch mixture can still be digesting 13 hours later, food taken on top can lead to fermentation and toxic by-products putting strain on the system .

The result of this was a complete remission of symptoms and a reduction of weight from 225lbs (100kg) to 175lbs (80kg) in about 3 months. He believed he had a 'surefire treatment for diabetes'. Although ridiculed at the time, some modern research has produced evidence of a close connection between refined carbohydrates and allergies, skin problems, migraine, fatigue, depression, schizophrenic and aggressive behaviours.

The Diet food combininig chart is above (just click to zoom) - It's very simple - fruit is best taken alone at breakfast time (the sugars ferment if fruit sits on top of an evening meal) and don't mix columns 1 and 3.

Tables 1 and 3 are incompatible.

* Mix anything from List A with List B

* Mix anything from List C with List B

* Never mix List A and C!

* Mix vegetables or salads with pulses i.e. beans/lentils - make these and unprocessed foods the main part of your diet.

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