Natalia Rose is my hero!

I have recently purchased two of Natalia Rose´s books:
Detox 4 Women and The Raw Food Detox Diet.

Let me just say that they are wonderful books to have! I have already shed some of my extra weight and feel much much lighter. Give it try for 14 days!

DetoxWorld review is:

"Here is the solution. Rose has formulated a very specific detox prescription for women that is easy to follow and gentle on the system, yet yields fantastic results that are both immediate and lasting. In Detox for Women, she brings you her powerful step-by-step plan that will help you shed weight, look years younger, and radiate energy in only 28 days.

Like Rose's celebrity clients, you will love this plan! Rose steers readers away from traditional detox fare like fruit and nuts and cautions against eating too much raw food too soon. And while many detox programs do not allow you to eat at all, during the next 28 days you will enjoy:

* Cooked foods that are easy to digest
* Treats like dark chocolate and wine
* Recipes that hark back to favorite foods like pumpkin pie and guacamole
* Sunshine for Breakfast! Rose's own elixir for health and beauty
* Great restaurants—this plan can even be tailored for eating out!

You will also luxuriate in relaxing baths, get plenty of fresh air, and enjoy meals that are simple to prepare, beautiful to look at, and delicious to eat. Like Rose's clients, you will probably also find that this way of living is so easy and rewarding that you will even want to make permanent changes after the 28 days are over.

With inspiring stories from real women, Natalia Rose doesn't just give you a detox prescription but also real hope for the kind of transformation you have always wanted."

I guess the cool thing about Natalia is that she presents you with a test to see what Level of Raw vs. Cooked Foods you are in.

Depending on what stage you are in, your diet is tailored to meet your needs.

I hope you try it out!
Love, E

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